Maps, Flying locations

Vanier Park, Vancouver BC
Ray Bethell’s home field and one of the prettiest places to fly a kite that you may find in the entire world. If the wind is blowing east, this park can not be beat. And consistently, if it’s sunny in Vancouver, it’s likely blowing to the west. Parking is getting a little dicey down there, for years, The Planetarium parking lot -was- free, however, no longer. Try the boat launch area instead.



Garry Point, Richmond, BC
Another great place to fly, and the place that usually has more flyers out flying, mainly because your chances of good wind are decidedly better for nearly all directions. Also home to Pajo’s Fish and Chips!



Ambleside Park, West Vancouver
Located just across the Lions Gate Bridge in West Vancouver, this is the annual home of our March Fun Fly. And a generally great place to fly but, be sure to bring short lines.



Clover Point, Victoria, BC
Just outside of downtown Victoria, this field is a notrious rev haunt, being the home field for Island Quad…Just a short hop over the water, and well worth the trip.



Centennial Beach, Tsawwassen, BC
Another favorite field in the Lower Mainland and even better when the tide is out! The BCKA’s August Fun Fly is usually held here.