Harry Jung

In Memory of Harry Jung, November 2, 1961 – December 13, 2004

Harry Jung was an active member of the British Columbia Kiteflyers Association. He was often seen flying at Vanier Park in Vancouver, but particularly at Garry Point Park in Steveston. Harry flew many kinds of kites, but his real passion was building and flying the handmade kites he made and perfected to fly for various wind conditions.
Harry volunteered his time at various club events. He was a member of Team Alphabits, and greatly enjoyed the fun and fellowship he found with this great group of flyers. During the winter of 2003/2004, Harry built and launched the club’s website, making it a colourful, creative, and interesting site. Harry also enjoyed helping people. If a fellow club member or stranger struggled to launch his kite, Harry would put down his, and assist them with enthusiasm. Harry will be missed by all who knew him.

Fly High, Harry! … and May the Wind be Always at Your Back!

He started with balsa wood airplanes,
meticulously creating the tiny pieces
needed to build the crafts.
He flew them with guy wires-
a controlled swooping and looping within a circle.

Then came radio control;
Now he flew the planes beyond the circumscribed circle,
He set them wheeling until low fuel
forced them to return to ground;
Oh how short a time before the fuel ran out!

Eventually he discovered kites.
Higher than the planes, unbounded by fuel,
they swept the skies in vibrant colour for hours.
They soared like the joy he found
with his flying mate Cathie;
They danced in teams like his fellowship
with friends and family.

Can you forget his grin as he flew?
The grin he had when he cracked a subtle joke?

He flies now unbounded by fuel, unbounded by string,
as high as his spirit dreamed.
I know he flies still with that grin.

Fly high!