BCKA Children’s Kite Making Workshops

The British Columbia Kitefliers Association offers kite-making workshops for children 6 years of age and up. Over the last 20 years our organization has instructed literally thousands of children on how to construct a simple sled kite that is guaranteed to fly.

We work with elementary schools, church groups, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts and other children’s groups.

In our small workshops, one or more of our members will arrive with a kite kit per child, and we will assist the group in assembling the kites. The workshop will also include a brief history of kite flying around the world, as well as flying a kite safely.

Each workshop lasts approximately ½ hour to 2 hours depending on the size of the group. The cost is based upon a workshop fee and a price per kite. They are available from early spring to the end of June.

Workshops availability is limited, for more information, please contact the Workshop Coordinator at:

Volunteers are ALWAYS needed for these workshops and for a look at some of the ones coming up soon that you could help with, check here