Dear Members,


The Executive of the BCKA cordially invites you to participate in a kite making workshop with Master Kite Maker, Mr. Dan Kurahashi.

Dan will teach two kinds of heat sealed kites.


When:  SUNDAY FEBRUARY 3, 2019

Where: Steveston Community Centre

Time: 9-5 pm


You can choose to build one or both of these kites.


If you’d like to join in this fun and informative kite making workshop, please confirm your attendance with me ASAP so I can guarantee you a space. Space will be limited to 12 kite makers. Coffee and goodies will be provided. Please bring a bagged lunch. See details and photos of the project below.


Workshop Details:


*Peter Lynn 3D kite, 40″ wide, 20″ front to back, 28″ tall.

Cost: $30


*Starflakes 14″ high, 24″ round outer frame

Cost: $30


All materials will be supplied by Dan


Please bring:

Tools ( you supply, except #1, 2 & 3 for those who want borrow from me. Do not buy, I will guide you, if you see this process useful)

  1. Heat adjustable soldering Iron. (I will bring 8 of those to share but if you have one, please bring them)
  2. Copper modified tip with Teflon cover.
  3. Stable (not tippy) Ceramic coffee mug use as soldering Iron rest whilst hot.
  4. Tweezer to be used to avoid burn from touching soldering iron, I am brave or stupid I do not use it.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Wax paper, 5′ or so will do
  7. Non heat melting plastic or metal Straight edge longer than 16″. Hot soldering iron tip needs to slide along, so need to be heat resistant. Aluminum may take away heat too much
  8. Glue stick, like the one used in school. I like LePage brand


Following  are not mandatory:

  1. Multi Outlet extension cord, we will set island of 4 tables and we need one in center
  2. + head screw driver.
  3. 1/8″ and 1/4″ hole punch if you have
  4. One day’s worth of newspaper to use as the base of heat seal


Students will learn:

Kite construction and use of tools

Information about plastics, melting points, strength, thickness, reinforcing material, bind-ability, kite repair

Several methods of heat seal.  You will also learn heat joining  to make kites and join different colors


Step by step guidance and practice of the technique will be provided, as well as written instructions



For information or questions, please contact me or Dan at:  or


I hope to see many of you there!

Cathie Jung, President, BCKA