Hi Members, we got the following in from the Let Love Fly organizer!  Thanks to all of you who participated!


Hi Cathie,

I can’t believe that Let Love Fly happened a month ago. I was on the website and saw that the event poster was still up on the site and thought I really should have emailed you to let you know how the event went.

On Monday, February 13th Let Love Fly kite flying event took place in Chemainus, BC. Many families came out to show there support.

The week prior north island had a few days of unexpected snow fall and there was some question whether or not Let Love Fly should be post-poned. As the event coordinator I was committed to keeping my promise to provide this opportunity for the community. It was a beautiful day for flying kites! There was still snow on the ground but this didn’t stop the kids from getting out and flying their kites. Love was in the air.

We had some media coverage the week prior to the event. As it was a first time event there was no way to anticipate how many families would make it out. We served 14 dozen hot dogs and 7 dozen hamburgers. Based on consumption myself and my team speculate that about 250-300 people were served.

Wayne Pattison with the help of some high school volunteers built 59 kites. In addition we donated about 50 lbs of non perishable food and $245 dollars to the Harvest House Food Bank!!

It was an incredible turn-out and families are hoping that this event will be an annual thing! The Kites were definately a hit! I just wanted to thank you again for your support and connecting me to Wayne. Without out the support of the BCKA this event would not have been a success. Below I have attached a few images.


Cherie Taylor

Let Love Fly, Event Leader