Dear Members,


Plans are in the works for a special tribute to our fellow kite flyer, Mr. Ray Bethel at the Washington State International Kite Festival August 19 – 25, 2019.


Over the course of the festival, festival goers, friends, and fellow fliers will be encouraged to add a message to a memory wall in Ray’s honour. Whether it is a story, a photo, or a favorite memory, all are welcome.


If you cannot attend the festival, you  can send your hand written letters, memories, or photos to the  BCKA mail address listed on the site. Or, you can use the submission form. Memories, letters, and photos that are submitted via the form will be printed over the course of the event and added to the tribute wall.


On Saturday Night (August 24th, 2019) all of the messages, letters, and photos will be gathered and placed in a special handcrafted box made by Team Island Quad. As night falls, a bonfire will be lit, and with it the messages of love and hope contained in the box will lift into the sky.  This is our way of honoring a beloved friend, mentor, and kite ambassador.


If you’d like to take part in this special event, please see the attached link for more information:


Thank you for your interest and contributions.



The British Columbia Kitefliers Association