At the 2010 AGM one of the things discussed was the feasibility of sponsoring a kite-making workshop for BCKA members. Members who attend these functions in Washington and Oregon come back with a newfound interest in kiting; it would be nice if we could be invigorated in our own Province.

Our club has many very gifted kite makers who have been invited to many places including England, Australia, and Washington, Oregon and Texas in the USA to share their expertise. It would be exciting and stimulating to utilize this local expertise by having a one or two day workshop in Parksville. We have contacted some of these instructors and they have agreed to help with the planning and implementation of this project, as well as to lead classes themselves.

The estimated cost of a weekend in Parksville would be approximately $60 per day. This includes accommodation (based on double occupancy) and a classroom at the community centre to sew in from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm (with the potential for this time to be longer if need be). There would be a charge for each kite class to cover the costs specific to that class, such as the kite material and sticks. To cover the instructors’ expenses there will be a registration fee of $10 for the weekend. These costs are based on 16 students attending and 4 instructors. The class could be advertised locally with a non-member price and a BCKA member price. This could result in either new members or more funds for the club.

Some members may say that the ferry cost is too prohibitive!!!! However, ferry costs are cheaper than driving long distances to Washington or Oregon. Our club could have an annual retreat that may see kite fliers from the USA coming to B.C. to attend our classes. Wayne Pattison has offered to pick up those who want to come on the ferry as a walk on. Members could carpool together to keep the costs down. Also, Wayne & Jennifer have offered to supply a continental breakfast each day before the class starts for anyone who wishes. If you would like to prepare your own cooked breakfast you are welcome to use their kitchen facilities. To save on food costs those interested could bring food to class for a potluck lunch or a potluck supper. More details can be planned for meal arrangements when we know it is a go.

The executive would like to know if the membership would be interested in this type of activity. Would your interest be in liner kites, trick kites, kite trains, artistic kites, banners, or other styles? We have instructors that can provide most any style of class for you. If you are at all interested please respond to Cathie Jung or Wayne Pattison by December 31, 2010 so that the final arrangements can be made and so the instructors can order their supplies for the class. Tentative dates that have been proposed are in April or May. However, the closer to summertime the rates in the motels will increase so the cost may be more.

Thanks for your consideration

Wayne Pattison

Cathie Jung 604-451-0695
Wayne Pattison 250-954-0337